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What is Kosher

Kosher has roots in Hebrew signifying that which is fit or appropriate. In the current context the word kosher generally represents foods and beverages as being compliant with religious dietary laws of the Jews.

A food product or beverage can apply the kosher label if each ingredient used therein, food additives, colorants, preservatives, process; equipment's and methods are fully compliant with Kosher specifications. A kosher auditor approves the production process before the manufacturer can apply the Kosher logo. Laws are so strict that if equipment's used to manufacture non-kosher foods are used for kosher foods, then that specific food can no longer carry the kosher label.

Kosher Certification cost in Asia

Kosher Certification Cost in Asia $3000 USD to $ 5000 USD(Services for Kosher Certification Asia has a low-cost kosher certificate Fee)

What is Kosher Certification

What makes something Kosher food or the meaning of Kosher certified food?

The kosher certification certifies the religious belief of Jewish people. It is mainly a certification for food products and has the expansion to all equipment that is being used to prepare Kosher food. Kosher certification objects to evade cross-contamination of certain food products such as meat, fish, egg, milk, and oil.
Kosher certification is an approval that all ingredients used to manufacture and sell retail food products are Kosher Certified. An imprint of the K logo as Kosher certification is a must on the evaluated and approved products.
The kosher certificate is proof for the Jewish community that particular food has met all the parameters of Kashrut food laws and practice all the standards of Kosher. Apart from Israel (Origin country of Jewish people), the demand for kosher certification is increasing in the USA. USA and Israel are ally country and because of their good relationship, the Jewish community is spreading in the USA.
Not just in Israel or the USA, the kosher certification is compulsory for food products exported to Europe and other Asian countries where Jewish people live. Several Kosher certification agencies are working in India and overseas to provide Kosher certificates. These agencies assess Kosher certification standards and audit the client's facility. The auditors are called Rabbi. All these Kosher certification agencies belong to and are approved by the Rabbinic of Israel.

Kosher Standard

The word kosher indicates something proper and acceptable. The root of the kosher food dates back to the Bible, and the Jews have introduced it for a long 3300 years. There are three different types of kosher food. In this, it is known that the mitzvah of kosher changes the food into a form of holiness, trying to match the kitchen which is considered as a spiritual place of a dwelling place.

The word Kashrut has its origin in Hebrew indicating fit, correct or something proper. In this relation, the word kosher indicates ritual items that made been made by Jewish law to be used for different ritual purposes.

Some general dietary guidelines taken from Jewish law are enumerated as below.

  • It is not desirable to eat some animals and it indicates the eggs, flesh, milk, organs of the animals.
  • As per Jewish law, mammals and birds should be killed.
  • Even some parts of the permitted animals should not be eaten
  • Before having poultry and meat, blood should be drained out or it should be boiled properly
  • People can eat fruits and vegetables except bugs
  • If anyone wants to have the meat of mammals and birds, it is prohibited to be eaten with dairy.
  • Also, fruits, vegetables, fish and eggs cannot be taken with dairy or meat.
  • The utensils used for meat or have been in contact with meat should not be used for dairy items and vice versa. In this relation, utensils that have been in contact with the non-kosher food items should not be used for the preparation of any kosher food.
  • Grape products that are prepared by non-Jews should not be taken

Kosher Certification Process

Get in touch with to know more about the international Kosher certification process and how we can assist you in obtaining this certificate. Our team will be by your side to make the process fast and easy from start to end. We have on board Rabbi Managers and trained representatives who will use their knowledge and expertise for your benefit. You can trust us to maintain confidentiality and assist you to grow in international markets.

Please complete the application at the end of this letter and return it to us for evaluation.

We will schedule a time to visit your production plant(s) for a complete inspection of your facilities. At that time, we will explain, in detail, the procedures that are necessary for you to obtain and maintain your kosher certificate. We will also give you an estimate of all costs that will be involved in providing you with kosher certification.

The confidentiality agreements and terms of our agreement to work together, will be written out and agreed to by all of us involved.

When the contract has been signed, and the fees have been paid, we will deliver your kosher certificate(s).

The production of kosher products in your factory may now begin!

Kosher Guideline

As per the Jewish dietary laws foods are kosher or opposite as trief. Let us take a look at the general guidelines of kosher products.

Kosher food can be categorized as meat, dairy or pareve are included. In this, eggs, grains and produce are pareve.

Both meat and dairy products should be cooked together or eaten and should be eaten within certain

Only animal meat with cloven feet, chewing cud and fowl are allowed to be eaten. Other than this, pork, rabbit meat or horse is not allowed. Even, reptiles, wild or hunted fowl, birds or prey or scavengers are not allowed to be eaten.

Fish having removable scales and fins are allowed. Other than this, shrimp, bivalves, squid or any fish without scales like eel, catfish or sturgeon are not allowed.

No animals are allowed to feed non-kosher food. Slaughter is allowed only by an approved person. In addition to this, no sick, injured or diseased animals are allowed. Animals with scar or punctured organs of animals are also not allowed.

Blood consumption of animals is not allowed. To have meat or poultry food, it should be salted, soaked and rinsed well using cold water.

Only forequarters meat is allowed. However, the hindquarters are allowed only when sciatic nerves are removed.

In winemaking, no filtering agents of kosher origin should be used. It should be made with help of a Jewish winemaker. In case of a non-kosher winery, the rabbi and the team can work with the supervision of the winemaker.

One of the strict levels of kosher for meat is the Glatt kosher. In this, the organs of the animal are carefully inspected. For any defects, the entire case will be forbidden. For the Passover, strict guidelines have been setup that excludes the use of leavened foods, grains, and legumes.

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