What we are?

KCJ is the Largest Kosher Certification agency in the world and KCJ non Profit Orthodox Kosher Certification Agency. Mainly work India and Israel and UK and Africa

We are an orthodox certification Rabbi Eldad Zamir is the rabbi directing the KCJ. He is a Graduate and Post Graduate and Mashgiach ( Kashrut Supervise).

He has had over 25 years experience with Kashrus supervision. Our guideline is the Halacha (Jewish Law). We strive to do everything according to Halacha (Jewish Law) guidance to offering assistance to make your products conform to kosher laws, we will handhold you through the entire process and assure success as well as growth.

We have put together our resources and knowledge to help manufacturers get the benefit of global kosher certification jerusalem and thereby tap a huge market.

kosher certification jerusalem processes are handled by our teams of experts working alongside rabbinical authorities to ensure conformance and adherence to Kashrut laws. Our teams are trained and certified by international agencies partnering with us to bring kosher certification jerusalem to manufacturers of food produce, food ingredients and food products. Our experts, rabbinical experts and experts from our associate agency work together to help clients gain the vital Kosher approval and Kosher logo they can put on their product packaging once they are Kosher certified.