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A Brief about KCJ Kosher

KCJ Kosher is a prominent Kosher certificate Provider Company and located where the Kosher food ancestries had started. Kosher Certification Jerusalem (well-known as KCJ KOSHER) is an Israeli-based establishment and ornamented with the most competent and experienced professionals from the industry. The depth of knowledge and expertise coupled with next-level professionalism has helped KCJ to become a noticeable name in the field of offering kosher certification.

KCJ is one of the leading sources in the certification field and caters to all aspects of Kosher certification services. With the growing demand for kosher food, KCJ Kosher has become a reliable and leading source to give certification to several food industries in the Asia continent( to be precise in India). By successfully achieving a global reputation, KCJ can offer the best kosher certification for your company products and can help you in expanding your food business boundaries globally. Our company can help you in advising of Kosher certification importance and can give you the full insight of this certification.

Since its establishment, KCJ has had the main focus on client gratification, best service, less competitive fees and the easiest way of getting Kosher. These 4 pillars make KCJ a trustworthy and choicest company among the clients. We have given more than 500 certifications and growing as new businesses are tying up for Kosher.

KCJ Business roots

The KCJ offers kosher certification for primarily Indian and few global clients as well. The organization is located in Israel and works on the collaboration between Israel and Indian companies (koshercertification.in). Although Kosher certification Jerusalem has a global network connection and providing service all around the world KCJ's main clients are from India. In India, KCJ has many reputed clients and almost 90% of certification business is generated from there only. Apart from India, we have clients in the USA, UK, Israel, and a few in Gulf countries as well. Kosher Certification Jerusalem recommends manufacturers, producers, and importers, on how to efficaciously sell their products in the Kosher markets worldwide.


When clients choose a service, cost and quality are the most important considerations. We understand that our customers are entrepreneurs, thus we make every effort to keep costs as efficient as conceivable. We have the most reasonable Kosher certification fees. Furthermore, we guarantee that filing for a Kosher certificate through our firm will save you money and time. We want to know various factors that determine the cost of an annual Kosher certificate and make it possible for people to attain the certificate easily. The factors are:

  • Your production and packaging facilities' location.
  • Whether you use a contract manufacturer or have a specialized facility for the production of these products.
  • Ingredients and processing equipment that you utilize in your products.
  • The manufacturing processes that your products go through.


We can assist you in determining which of the over 1200+ Kosher agencies will do the most for your company and improve sales. The objective of our organization is to help customers succeed in their companies by registering them in the Kosher community. We offer certification to assist in the growth of a company's market brand. Assessments are the most effective method for obtaining Kosher certificates, which KCI employs.

Why choose KCJ Kosher?

  • We check to determine if there are any charges related to your application. We check your company's potential to receive a Kosher certificate while we review your application.
  • If you file for a Kosher certificate from our firm, you will pay a discount ranging from 12% to what other Kosher certification companies charge.
  • Our Kosher certification rate is consistent and clear. We verify that your company understands precisely how much Kosher certification will charge before signing the contract by completing this approach.
  • If your organization qualifies for a Kosher certificate, we can figure up a payment plan that works for you.
  • We make an offer to fix the prices for Kosher certification for a period of one year at the lowest rate.

What is Kosher?

Kosher Certification is a procedure where food companies ensure that their food is Kosher certified and it meets all the food safety norms. Kosher accreditations are on the packaging of any product measured Kosher. To ensure that the food you eat is Kosher might be very challenging because of complex modern food production practices. That's why systems are in place for verifying specific food products. Certified Kosher Foods feature a label on their packaging indicating that they've met all of the requirements.

History of Kosher

The English word "Kosher" is derivative from the Hebrew origin "kasher", which means to be pure, appropriate, or suitable for eating. "Kosher" is a term used to define food that fulfils with the firm dietary standards of traditional Jewish law. These laws determine what foodstuffs may be consumed and the way of producing, processing and preparing must meet Kosher standards. In simple words, Kosher food is any food or beverage that Jewish dietary laws allow a person to eat.

Who is Rabbi?

In general, every Kosher agency has a certifying Rabbi who determines the precise Kosher standards to be applied and supervises their right implementation. In the perspective of Kosher food, Rabbi is a Jew who oversees the Kosher status of a Kosher establishment. Rabbi customarily works as a proficient person for the requirement of Kosher certification. Rabbi can give the direction for all the necessities of Kosher certificate. If you go by history, Rabbi has Hebrew origin which refers to teacher or master In Judaism. Rabbi is a highly competent person by academic studies of the Hebrew Bible and acts as a religious teacher for a Jewish community.

Who gives Kosher?

Kosher certification is given by a kosher certification agency. Kosher certification agency is an organization to certify that all food ingredients, packed food, beverages, and all other foodstuff are Kosher approved. This agency grants approval for food-service suppliers and all food establishments in which kosher food is prepared or served.
Every Kosher certification agency has its sign and that certification symbol permits manufacturer and food-service providers to exhibit it on their products or in-store to claim Kosher verified. Kosher certification agency has one (must) or many Rabbi for site visits and the supervision of the food-production or food-service process to verify ongoing compliance. The certifying Rabbi determines the exact application of Kosher standards and oversees their implementation for the business that is claiming to have Kosher certification or applying for Kosher.
Kosher Certification is approval by a rabbinic agency for Kashrut food. Rabbi verifies that all the products ingredients, production facility, and actual production is checked by him. Rabbi's inspection ensures that all ingredients, derivatives, tools, and equipment have no touch of non-kosher materials. Kosher certification verifies that the ingredients, production process, and all machinery used to comply with Jewish law.
Rabbi is a key person in any Kosher certification agency as he is the approver of Kosher standards. Rabbi is a title for a religious teacher in Judaism (religion of Jewish people). A person becomes a rabbi by being appointed by another rabbi. A Jewish person gets Rabbi Designation by ordained of Rabbinate of Israel. Rabbi is known for his religious and spiritual knowledge and that's why he does the visits and inspections for Kosher food certification. He is an expert in Jewish law and Kosher food follows the standard of it.

How Kosher agencies came into existence?

Before the beginning of industrially-produced foods, Jewish families used to prepare their food at home only. Back then Jewish families ensured the kashrut of raw ingredients by themselves. They used to take chicken and meat to be slaughtered by a reliable slaughter and they ensured the supervision of milking process also. During the time of food preparation, the lady of the family observed the strict separation of milk and meat products. Later on, in the 20th century, the availability of industrially-produced food products had increased. The industry-based food created the necessity of independent kosher certification for Jewish consumers. The first independent kosher certification agency was established in 1924 by the Orthodox Union (OU) and the second certification agency, OK Laboratories came in existence in 1935. Then after the necessity of Kosher certification agency is increasingly globally hence around 1300 Kosher agencies are working in this field and giving Kosher certificates worldwide.

Why KCJ is best for the Kosher certificate?

If you want to have Kosher certification choose Kosher Certification Jerusalem ( KCJ) over the rest. Although you will find many more certification agencies who claim you to give Kosher, the KCJ has no match in the business. With the outstanding service and customer-friendly approach, KCJ is becoming the first choice among the clients. Just in 10 years, KCJ has become a trustworthy name for Kosher certificates in India and worldwide. There are over 1300 kosher agencies and we can help you determine which one will do the most for your company and increase your sales. Our certification agency is trying to deliver the best to clients irrespective of the size of the company.

KCJ proficient team

The experienced and professional team abide by the latest industry standards guidelines. We have a team of 12 highly qualified professionals in KCJ and Rabbi.

Eldad Zamir (Founder & Director of KCJ Kosher) is the most reputed person in this industry. Before forming the KCJ Company, Rabbi Zamir assisted as the Rabbi of the city of Port Elizabeth - South Africa for about 5 years. He also led the Jewish department of the Theodor Herzl schools there. His knowledge and wisdom makes KCJ a successful company in a very short span

Rabbi Mordechai Zamir, Kashrus Administrator, KCJ- Rabbi Mordechai Zamir is also a key member of the KCJ professional team. Rabbi Mordechai is Kashrus's Administrator and accomplishes his role very efficiently. He is a respected Rabbi of Rabbinic Israel as well.

Mr. Jitendra Singh, Kashrus Consultant, India Office (KCJ): Mr. Jitendra Singh is a kashrus consultant in India. Mr. Jitendra Singh is a highly experienced member of the KCJ team and held a Master's degree in computer science. Mr. Jitendra is in the certification business since 2011 has a very deep knowledge of the industry. His ability to deal with customers and his easy-going personality makes his name well-known in the industry.

How to get a Kosher certificate

To obtain a Kosher certificate please follow a five-step process:

1. Apply online- To instigate your Kosher certification process please fill out an online application. (Refer to below link), or download the printed version here. Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries or doubt while filling the application.

2. Review- Once the application is submitted our experts will review it and will contact you further. After the completion of the documentation process, we will authenticate your qualification for Kosher certification. Some additional information regarding ingredients and manufacturing processes may be required to ensure that your facility meets international Kosher standards

3. Quotation- After review will let you know the quotation and the cost involve in getting Kosher certification. We do not charge any cost for filling the application, review part or quotation.

4. Inspection- Once initial steps are complete, we conduct site Inspection and verification to complete the Kosher certification process. One of our rabbi inspector will visit your facility for an audit and observe all processes from handling raw materials to final packing.

5. Certification- After the facility inspection is successful and all criteria for Kosher standards are met we will issue a contract for you to sign and payment details for Kosher certification. Once the contract is signed and all fees received you will obtain your Kosher certificate.

Various factors determine the cost of an annual Kosher certificate.

  • The site location of your manufacturing and packaging facilities.
  • Do you have a dedicated facility for the manufacturing of these products or do you have a contract manufacturer?
  • The list of components and processing aids are being used in your products
  • The whole production processes where your products are made.

Why Kosher is important for your business?

Kosher Certification opens a massive market for your products around the world. Kosher certification can help generate additional sales revenue by providing an avenue to gain access to new markets and customers.

Kosher food is widely popular and if you walk into any supermarket in North America or Europe and you will see that a substantial portion of the foodstuff and drink is certified Kosher. You will be surprised to know that over 12 million American customers take Kosher food products. People from all around the world choose Kosher products not just for religious belief but also for health reasons, food safety, taste, vegetarianism, lactose intolerance, and for few other dietary constraints.

Helping Businesses

KCJ kosher agency and fast process" more than 500+ companies kosher certified and growing.

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% Satisfaction
+ Happy Customers

Why choose our kosher certification over the rest?

By this, we try to maintain the promised professionalism to our clients and maintain the grounds for which they rely on us over the rest in the market. However, there are certain questions to be asked to companies before offering certification to companies. Our team tries to offer the best assistance and make the certification process understandable for our clients before opting for it.

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