Applying for KCJ Kosher starts with your filling out the Form detailed below. We will contact you to pursue the process.


We treat all information submitted by you regarding your products, processes and equipments as absolutely confidential. We keep this information fully protected to ensure secrecy. We will never disclose this information to anyone or any firm or company under any conditions or for any reasons. We appreciate the fact that your methods, ingredients, processes and formula may be trade secrets and you can rest assured we will keep this information absolutely confidential.

The information submitted by you in the application form will also be treated as absolutely confidential should you wish to not pursue the matter further.

More on Confidentiality and Security

During the course of kosher certification jerusalem we require applicants to disclose full details about their company, products, processes and equipments. We unconditionally guarantee absolute confidentiality and security of all such information.

We build relationships based on trust and honesty in dealings. We have highest standards of ethics and a code of business as well as professional integrity. From start to finish we assure you that all your information will remain securely confidential. If at all it is disclosed it is only to inspection personnel and agencies to the extent required for the purpose. If we do not proceed with your application, your information still remains confidential.

All your products, formulae and processes are guaranteed to remain absolutely confidential when you choose us as your kosher certification jerusalem agency.

The very fact that you fill in and submit an application places no obligation on you to proceed with the process and our acceptance of the form and information implies our keeping the information secure and private.

We are ready to sign a non-disclosure agreement if it gives you peace of mind.